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They say, art inspires but a little known fact is, art also inspires in not so positive way. The way, Indian art has moved on to world stage, there is a danger lurking in the corners. Yes, I am referring to fake art. Now a day, it has become common news to find fake arts. Most of these fake arts have been super copy of original works of great art and many art buyers have fallen victim to fake artworks. Such fake works are so skillfully created that it becomes really difficult to identify them. But solutions have also arrived. Thanks to the technological revolution era, we are living in; we can take help of new age equipments to identify fake work.

Arte experts use techniques like radiography, microscope, dating techniques and chemical analysis to identify fake art. Now, it is possible to identify even a centuries old art work using radio carbon dating technique. Things that are invisible to naked eyes can be identified with the help of x-ray photography and infrared. Artists’ fingerprints can be revealed with the help of X-ray fluorescence. Old paintings develop fine cracks known as craquelcure. These cracks appear because of environmental issues and factors like air and dust. Craquelcure can only be found in old paintings.

Digital authentication is another effective method through which fake art work is identified. In this technique, a picture is broken down into parts called as sub bands. With the help of these sub bands, the originality of art work is established. Apart from these techniques, several other new methods have arrived to help us in identifying fake works.


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Indian Contemporary Art-2

As mentioned in the earlier post, flexibility is a very crucial factor in contemporary art. That flexibility shows in experimentations undertaken by this form of art. Since the time of independence, contemporary art has witnessed movements of large magnitude. Whether reflecting leftist inclinations or progressive leanings, this form of art has done it all. Our conventional values mixed with modern day way of life has so wonderfully represented by contemporary art. Visual art took precedence over earlier mode of creations. Use of Modern technologies never came out as strongly as displayed by contemporary art. The best outcome of this form of art was mode of expression. It was never this free, this comfortable.

With changing times and unprecedented success of contemporary art, people started taking deep interest in art and artists. The elevated status and understanding of Indian art, not only nationally but also internationally has entirely altered the Indian art world. Not only it started getting critical fame and recognition but this also helped in pushing the monetary value of art work to the unheard and unseen levels. Thanks to contemporary art, Indian art world no longer remained the same. The earlier little known Indian art world is becoming popular. Contemporary art helped in awakening the interest of populace in Indian arts and artists.

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Indian Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is quite different from modern art. It refers to any and all forms of style used in the art works. In other words, it can be said that, contemporary art is the latest form of art. At the core of this art, lays a wonderful mix of diverse dimensions. Contemporary art has helped in redefining the perceptions of people. With its combination of pragmatism, conceptualism and performance it has also pushed the boundaries. Since the time it began, i.e. mid of 20th century, contemporary art has enhanced the Indian art in unimaginable ways.


 It all started in 1960s. This form of art is not dependent on any peculiar method. Its beauty lies in using distinct modes of expression and themes. World was going through major changes when contemporary art started making waves. Those changes had their reflection in contemporary art. Like for example, in contemporary art one can witness manifestation of shifting political, social and cultural scenarios. Contemporary art takes its inspiration from real life situations. It’s a delight for every art aficionados to view range of emotions portrayed in contemporary art. Variety has always been the essence of contemporary art. Flexibility is of paramount importance in this form of art. Indian contemporary art possess a proud history and a rich legacy.

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