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They say, art inspires but a little known fact is, art also inspires in not so positive way. The way, Indian art has moved on to world stage, there is a danger lurking in the corners. Yes, I am referring to fake art. Now a day, it has become common news to find fake arts. Most of these fake arts have been super copy of original works of great art and many art buyers have fallen victim to fake artworks. Such fake works are so skillfully created that it becomes really difficult to identify them. But solutions have also arrived. Thanks to the technological revolution era, we are living in; we can take help of new age equipments to identify fake work.

Arte experts use techniques like radiography, microscope, dating techniques and chemical analysis to identify fake art. Now, it is possible to identify even a centuries old art work using radio carbon dating technique. Things that are invisible to naked eyes can be identified with the help of x-ray photography and infrared. Artists’ fingerprints can be revealed with the help of X-ray fluorescence. Old paintings develop fine cracks known as craquelcure. These cracks appear because of environmental issues and factors like air and dust. Craquelcure can only be found in old paintings.

Digital authentication is another effective method through which fake art work is identified. In this technique, a picture is broken down into parts called as sub bands. With the help of these sub bands, the originality of art work is established. Apart from these techniques, several other new methods have arrived to help us in identifying fake works.


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