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Digital fine art

Over three decades who would think that one could paint and sketch without a paintbrush? Well, it was not their fault, as not too many could think so futuristically that they could use a computer to create fine works of art. And all the more who at that point would know that a little device called the mouse would be used instead of the paintbrush and the canvas would be a computer screen. And one would not need to wait for the paints to dry, but an instant printout could be instantly framed.

This technological way of creating a piece of art is known as digital fine art. The artist is trained in using the computer and the required software to create the designs and patterns one desires. Many people are aware of the modern and geometric artistic designs that can be created digitally. However, there are artists, who also create portraits, landscapes, waterscapes and other pictures.

Apart from creating original pictures, the technology of digital art can be used to enhance original paintings, as well as fin art photographs. One of the important aspects to enhance the quality of a picture is the appropriate use of fine art lighting. This is a specialized aspect of fine art photography. Like they say: “It’s all about the lighting.”

There are various lighting fixtures for fine art. These are not the regular ones used for lighting up interiors, in general. These fixtures are created particularly to light up the object being photographed in a particular way. The most important aspect of these lights is that they can be adjusted to throw light in any desired angle. This is important, as the photographer needs to particular on how he needs the light and shadow effect.

After the complete processing the digital images fine art for sale are usually exhibited at various art galleries, or are put up for auctions by art connoisseurs. Many artists are known to work with various charities and give a part of their earnings towards the benefits of these charities.

The prices of the fine art pieces depend on the reputation of the artist. This largely implies his popularity. And another aspect is the support one has garnered from the celebrity section of society. Another way to promote one’s work is to be constantly in touch with the digital fine art galleries, letting them know about the new work being prepared. Also, in case one is preparing for an exhibition then it is necessary to make advance bookings with the reputed galleries; as bookings happen months in advanced. And in some even years in advance.


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