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Minimalism is one of the most appealing forms of painting media. It is basically an art form that solely focuses upon core expressions. Only the most fundamental features of the theme are covered in this form and it is sans any extravagance or unnecessary decoration. In general sense of the term, minimalism uses simple geometric design and the usage of colors is quite limited. The minimalistic form had its quota of criticisms and rejection in its eventful journey. It was given several unflattering terms like authoritarian, futile, elitist, mechanistic and pedantic etc. But the main strength of this form is its rejection of any kind of self-expression, narrative, social comment or any specific need of approval. Minimalism aims at creating objects of beauty and interest.

The origin land of Minimalism is USA. Black paintings of legendary Frank Stella bore first signs of minimalism and these works also inspired other artists to go for this new style. Initially, sculptors were the major followers of this form than the painters. An exhibition named, ‘Primary Structures’ held in New York in 1966 left an indelible mark in the history of art.

David Burlyuk is credited to be the first artist to make the term ‘minimalism’ a popular one. This term was used as early as 1929 but it came into prominence during 1960s movement. Initially, this movement was not given its due importance but things changed drastically afterwards. As a painting style, Minimalism is quite precise and hard edged. All in all, Minimalism is a wonderful form of painting.


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