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Art lovers must be aware of the word ‘Gouache’. Though, many confuse Gouache with watercolor but both are two completely different things. The word gouache has originated from the Italian word “guazzo” which means water paint or splash. It first appeared in 16th century Italy. The Italian artists used to apply oil paint over a tempera base and that’s where it acquired its name. From there, it traveled all around the world and found immense popularity in art community for its usefulness.

Gouache basically refers to a type of paint consisting of pigment suspended in water. People often mistake gouache for watercolor because of presence of pigments and particles. But in reality, gouache is heavier because of presence of an inert white material. Gouache is also more opaque and clearly demonstrates better reflective qualities whereas particles are larger in watercolor.

Talking about the technique of gouache, it is quite deceptive in nature. Compared to watercolors, gouache is considered as a more immediate medium of painting. When wet, it is actually drier than it appears. Because of this particular reason, using gouache one finds difficult to achieve the same shading in multiple painting sessions. Though gouache offers limited number of works to artists but is used frequently for graphic works that include designing works and posters.

J.M.W. Turner was one of the foremost English landscape painters. He used gouache in many innovative ways and did amazing work with the medium. He is also known for using wash technique because for which he was termed “painter of the light”. He was one of the leading exponents of gouache art medium that inspired several other artists.


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