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Care and Conservation of Paintings- Conclusion

It is recommended that, paintings should always be kept at a temperature ranging between 18° to 24° C. its slight difficult, though in Indian condition because most parts of the India face huge fluctuation in terms of temperature. So it will require more than the effort from Indians who wish to conserve their paintings for longer duration. While cleaning paintings, one should not use dusters or feather dusters because they are likely to damage the paint. If someone comes across severe problems like torn canvas, flaking paint, cracks and wrinkles in the canvas, rapidly discoloring varnish, mould growth, then it is recommended to ask for professional help.


Professional conservators also suggest hanging paintings securely on the wall. One should keep a close watch on nails, hooks and wires used in hanging the paintings because even these things get rusted with the passage of time. Rusted nails and hooks can cause oil paintings to fall down which can result in huge damage. Apart from these technical things, painting holders should also take care while moving paintings. Oil paintings need to be handled with care, held properly and should not kept in touch with any accessories which might damage the paintings.


Knowing the fact that paintings are quite precious in aesthetic and material sense, its owners should pay special attention to them by following steps mentioned above. That way, they can be enjoyed and cherished for many generations.



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Care and Conservation of Paintings- Factors

Talking about factors who can affect the paintings most, are humidity, pollution, temperature and light. Light factor can affect through visible light and ultra-violet radiation. Light factor can be controlled as per one’s wishes but experts have found a way in using UV blocking films on windows. These films are very useful in extending the life of paintings. They allow natural night to come and at the same time they protect paintings from ultra violet rays. Paintings should not be exposed to natural sun light.  It has also been suggested, not to use the home picture lights over the paintings as the heat emerging out of picture lights are very dangerous for the paintings. So diffused lightings are considered much safer for paintings.


Humidity factor is very crucial in safeguarding the health of paintings. Paintings should be always kept in inner rooms because internal rooms are less prone to outside elements and their temperatures are also relatively calm.  Pollution is one such element which can adversely affect a painting. One should be very careful while cleaning dust from the paintings. One option is using vacuum cleaner. These cleaners are quite handy in cleaning dust from the back of the paintings. But point to note is, dusting should be done with extreme care paintings can also be cleaned by keeping the paintings at a forward angle and then cleaning the dust very carefully and slowly. It’s better to use a dry natural hair artists’ brush, (3.5 cm. to 5 cm. tip) or even make up brush which must be clean and soft. 

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Care and Conservation of Paintings

Indian art scenario is booming like never before. So many of Indian artists have attained international fame and recognition and Indian paintings have been sold for unheard of the amount. Even Indian public is now viewing art in a different way. It has not only become a good investment opportunity but at the same time many of them are frequently using paintings as a style statement. Whether it’s about expressing one’s taste or enhancing home décor, art scenario has come on its own. This situation definitely demands one thing and that is taking care of one’s paintings.

Painting is nothing but expression of the artist. It expresses artists’ feelings, hope, dilemma and interpretation of different situations. Like other precious things, paintings also need to be taken care of. Technically, a painting has two layers. Support layer and image layer. Support layer refers to the paper or canvas where the painting has been created whereas image layers is the painting itself. While making paintings, artist first uses primer and then the paint. The paint can be water or oil. Few of the oil paintings are varnished for the protection purpose. It helps in paintings having a longer life. All the layers of the painting tend to change over the years. Because of oxidization effect with air and light, paintings often get discolored and turn quite frail with the passage of time.

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