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Contemporary art is quite different from modern art. It refers to any and all forms of style used in the art works. In other words, it can be said that, contemporary art is the latest form of art. At the core of this art, lays a wonderful mix of diverse dimensions. Contemporary art has helped in redefining the perceptions of people. With its combination of pragmatism, conceptualism and performance it has also pushed the boundaries. Since the time it began, i.e. mid of 20th century, contemporary art has enhanced the Indian art in unimaginable ways.


 It all started in 1960s. This form of art is not dependent on any peculiar method. Its beauty lies in using distinct modes of expression and themes. World was going through major changes when contemporary art started making waves. Those changes had their reflection in contemporary art. Like for example, in contemporary art one can witness manifestation of shifting political, social and cultural scenarios. Contemporary art takes its inspiration from real life situations. It’s a delight for every art aficionados to view range of emotions portrayed in contemporary art. Variety has always been the essence of contemporary art. Flexibility is of paramount importance in this form of art. Indian contemporary art possess a proud history and a rich legacy.


April 17, 2008 - Posted by | Contemporary Art

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