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Jatin Das

Born in the year 1941 in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, Jatin Das is one of the most creative and acclaimed stars of Indian art word. A multi-dimensional personality, he is equally talented in sculpture, painting, poetry, murals and graphic art. His achievements precede his name. It has been a memorable journey for this famous artist. Right from the very beginning he was creatively inclined. He completed his studies from prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art in Bombay. After finishing his college in 1962, he dived deep into the mesmerizing world of art. To his credit, he has organized more than 37 solo exhibitions on national and international level.


Some famous international exhibitions attended by him are; Documenta in Kessel (1975) and Biennales in Paris (1971), and in Venice (1978). He was a keen learner and that fact is manifested in the fact that he attended four workshops and more than fourteen artists’ camps. Artists tend to be very sensitive toward social causes and Jatin Das was no exception.  He donated his art works at various charity shows in order to raise funds for the underprivileged.


It was natural for an artist of caliber of Jatin Das to impart his huge knowledge and that explains his stint at Jamia Milia Islamia University. He also taught at National School of Drama (NSD) and School of Planning and Architecture. He was adept at depicting human figures using myriad colors. Extremely proficient at portraying deeply rooted emotions, Jatin Das was a master of linear arrangement and invigorating brushwork. His contribution to Indian art has been noting but extremely significant.


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Flourishing Fine Art

Indian fine art comes as a revelation in modern day context. It is a true manifestation of the populace of India, its traditions and intensely embedded rich ideals. Indian fine art is regularly scaling new heights. It has always managed to carve its own niche in the humungous world of art. India has always produced great talents. These immensely talented artists have held our country in right spirit. Indian artists have constantly been very inventive and ingenious. Their work truly reflects innovation and originality. Even the world has started noticing Indian fine art. So many of Indian arts have earned great reviews and commendations.


In last few decades, fine art has turned into a highly profitable investment proposition. Few of the fine arts have fetched astonishing amount of money. Fine art appraisals reflect true merit of the work. Appraisals are all about assessing the genuine market value of the work. Appraisals have become a common feature in the world of arts. The main purpose behind these appraisals is insuring the art work and for tax and charities. With changing times, Indian population is also taking huge interest in art works. People are becoming more aware of Indian art and its inherent beauty. Indian art works have also turned into a thriving business.

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Indian Fine Art

Fine Art can be defined as a form of art which primarily involves invigorating the power of expression from inside. In fact the word “Fine” symbolizes the wholesomeness of the work of art. This word signifies meaning of this exemplary discipline called Art. According to the earlier beliefs, the solitary rationale behind fine art is the art entity itself. That truly sums up the essence of Fine Art.


It requires tremendous skills and in a larger perspective, it is bereft of considerable realistic value. Mastering Fine Arts require imaginative ingenuity. It’s a manifestation of artistic expressiveness. We humans possess multitude of fluctuating emotions and fine art is one classical method of coalescing them with cogent aptitude. It is entirely different from various forms of craft and commercial art. The essence of Fine art consists of visual effects the likes of which includes sculpture, painting, architecture etc. Variety rules the world of Indian Fine Art. The kinds of art works Indian artists have come up with are as varied as array of diverse expressions.

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