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Essential Items for Sketching

Sketching is a fascinating art form. Sketching is important as a study for the next stage of the development of the artwork. Those involved into making sculpture know the importance of sketching. By sketching, one can study the form of his subject because every shape and form is unique and mysterious. Pencil and paper are essential items for sketching but there are many other materials that will help you in sketching. The paper must have quality to accept watercolor because one will need to experiment in tone and color and not only form. Therefore, when you purchase a sketchpad, make sure that the paper is thick enough to accept water without buckling too much.

You should get hold of a container that can accommodate all your sketching material. This will prove very handy for your outdoor sketches. Buy pencils of different degrees of hardness and softness. Soft pencils can be used for shading whereas hard pencils are good for line work. Add a set of ink pens to your sketching kit. Using waterproof-marking pens, you can create a quick basis for a sketch.

Don’t forget to have a rag and absorbent paper for mopping up and working on your sketch. Many artists prefer to have a set of cheap watercolors, few low-priced brushes in different sixes, a clean cup or palette for mixing and a container of water that can be closed. All these items will prove very crucial in making sketches. Don’t forget to experiment as much as you can.


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