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One of the most traditional and popular method of dyeing in India is Bandhej. In states like Gujarat and Rajasthan, it is also known as Bandhani. The most fascinating aspect about this tradition is usage of color. Most of the colors being used are vibrant and bright like green, black, red and yellow. It is practiced in many parts of India. As far as base color of the textile is concerned, it is normally a light shade of pink, blue, brown or turquoise. You have to see the final outcome to exclaim Wow! The effect is more than stunning and one will be forced to appreciate the dyeing practice.

Most of the readymade garments and female attires like dupattas, kurtas, saris, lehengas, skirts and salwars bear testimony to this practice. One can witness some very beautiful designs and patterns used in Bandhani. Many clothes have designs of animal and human figures which is obviously an elaborate and delicate process. Chikhara and chandokhni are terms associated with attires meant for brides. Basant bahar is associated with pattern that has vibrant colors of spring season. Chokidal is the deisgn with elephant and other animals whereas mor zad is for peacock pattern.

Bandhej is quite a simple and yet highly effective process. Patterns are created with utmost care and are given full time. Many of the intricate designs take no less than a week. Cloth is often bleached and folded into layers. The thickness of cloth decided the design. Trying and dyeing of silk or cotton clothes is the main essence of this process.


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