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Alkyd Paint

Alkyd paint is one of the commonly used paint types. It is used in many different aspects of life. Paints, in general are of different types and each of them are used for different purposes. Basically, alkyd paint is a type of oil paint easily available in the market. It is perhaps the most popular oil paint type. One can use these paints for different types of painting works. Alkyd signifies synthetic resin that is used as a binder in the paint. Binder could be the oil in the paint.

Almost every household uses alkyd paint because of its known qualities of resisting wear and tear. See the doors and trims within your house and chances are they have been painted using alkyd paint. Cabinets in bathroom or specific items in kitchen mostly rely upon alkyd paints to protect them from abuses.

If you are planning to paint an object that will be kept outside then go for alkyd paint because they are also weather resistant. Whether it’s cold snow, rain or chilling temperature, alkyd paint is likely to hold up in adverse situations. So, you can comfortably use these paints in lawn furniture, bird houses, wooden benches or bird feeders. One major benefit of alkyd paint is its less toxic nature compared to other oil paints.

Alkyd paints are quite compatible with other oil based paintings. Most of the alkyd paints types dry slower and can take almost 24 hours to dry properly. In a way, it works in the benefit of artists. All in all, if you are painting your house, or exterior, or cabinets in the bathroom or a beautiful artwork, alkyd paint will perfectly suit your needs and requirements.


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