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Art dealers in India -3

It has been found that most of the corporate dealers belong to broadcast and print media because they prefer to patronize the art segment. All of the Art dealers specialize in their areas of preference. It’s up to an art dealer, where and in which segment he will prefer to deal with. If we talk about paintings, it could be, abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, modern paintings or even sixteenth century paintings. This way, they manage to make their occupation much easier because they are dealing in one specific field. Most of the Art dealers especially those dealing in paintings specialize in accurately assessing market proclivity and based on that, they deal in particular style of the art works. With such focus and expertise, the value of their work of arts also perks up. At the same time, an art dealer continuously needs to be attuned to the activities taking place in art world.


In the time of rising Indian Art, these Art dealers have a vital job to perform. Any art and artist having a statement is able to sell in fast emerging universal art market. It is Art dealer’s job to put across that statement to the world and art aficionados. Art dealers essentially have large network of people and possess effective public relationship skills. By the virtue of his profession, he specializes in encouraging and publicizing numerous talents. A wonderful combination of business intelligence and creative inclination, Art dealer presents a wonderful opportunity for the art connoisseurs.


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Art dealers in India -2

Dealing in arts is yet to become a common profession in India. But slowly, as art popularity soars, India is also becoming a prolific land for this profession. An art dealer deals into the buying and selling of work of arts. Art dealer acts as a channel between artists and museums. He contacts different artists and subsequently works together with interested art collectors. Hence, his role becomes very crucial in the dealings of art works. Most of the art dealers possess fair deal of knowledge about art works and that helps them in identifying good art works. The fact that, art dealers tend to have enthusiasm for arts, also proves crucial in combining business with personal interest.

Art dealership is a hugely profitable business venture. No wonder then, from being a small time business it has managed to lure many corporate houses into dealing in arts. Now it has become a common sight to see name of various corporate art dealers. These corporate art dealers possess huge number of art work collection. It gives a healthy sign of corporates having great interest in modern arts. One of the prominent corporate figures in art dealership is famous industrialist Harsh Goenka. He is renowned for having one of the best modern art collections.

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Art dealers in India

The great artworks spread all across the globe have become rewarding financial propositions. Though role of finance and money came a bit late in Indian art world but slowly and steadily it is offering great monetary opportunities. Given the fact that, Indian artists have started acquiring global recognition, it has greatly benefited Indian arts. In last few decades, many Indian paintings have gone for public sale and fetched jaw-dropping amount of money. Till few decades back, even the thought of Indian art earning big money was beyond the realm of possibility. But now it has literally altered the Indian art industry into a potentially money making industry.

Another encouraging fact is Indian art is no more the same less known because of the rising popularity of Indian art among the classes as well as masses. Now it has become a common sight to see Many Indian artworks selling at very high prices. Apart from rising awareness and popularity of Indian arts, other economic factors like high earning power of Indians and subsequently their high spending power has also contributed towards this new phenomenon. One of the best outcomes of this shifting mindset was greater part of the prosperous people developed taste for this relatively unknown segment. And this particular factor resulted into the arrival of Indian art dealers.

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