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Clip art refers to a picture, photograph, image, graph, and other illustration which symbolizes visual images. It is primarily used in print, advertising, desktop publishing application, scrapbook, publication, and other such places. One can also find several web clip arts used especially by computer. A web clip art is available in different size, colors, shapes, and concepts. Diverse range of concepts like frames, borders, corners, dividers, photo clips, cartoons, titles, bullets, animated images, photo clips, navigation graphics, photo objects, backgrounds, email buttons and fascinating images etc are used in clip art. Most common clip art concepts are, animals like dog, horse, lion, cats, flowers and cartoons.


Available in different colors and formats, Clip arts include different file formats, contents, and illustration styles. They can also be decorated according to personal preferences. Several form of clip arts are;


Angel Clip Art, Animal Clip Art, Animated Christmas Clip Art, Bear Clip Art, Birthday Clip Art, Black and White Clip Art, Book Clip Art, Candy Cane Clip Art, Cartoon Clip Art, Cat Clip Art, Christmas Clip Art, Christmas Tree Clip Art, Clip Art Backgrounds, Christmas Clip Art Borders, Clip Art Border, Clip Art Buttons, Clip Art Images, Clip Art Graphics, Clipart Icons, Cow Boy Clip Art, Cross Clip Art, Disney Clip Art, Dog Clip Art, Fish Clip Art, Flower Clip Art, Food Clip Art, Football Clip Art, Free Christmas Clip Art, Medical Clip Art, Military Clip Art, Money Clip Art, New Years Clip Art, Party Clip Art, Penguin Clip Art, People Clip Art, Reindeer Clip Art, Religious Clip Art, Retro Clip Art, Royalty Free Clip Art, Santa Clip Art, School Clip Art, Snow Flake Clip Art etc.


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