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We mentioned few famous contemporary art galleries in India in previous article. Apart from these galleries, there are many Art work galleries who tend to have all sort of great collections, whether its modern art, ancient art or contemporary ones. Most of them are based in metro cities. Chief among them are;

• CPAs Piramal Gallery, Mumbai
• Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi
• European Gallery, Kolkata
• Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi
• Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai,
• Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore
• Craft Council of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
• Apparao Galleries, Chennai

These are few of the famous art work galleries spread over the major cities of India. However, most of these galleries have impressive collection of largely contemporary artworks. These galleries are renowned for their collections over the years. Another interesting fact is there are also numbers of art galleries who purchase art works to further sell it at a higher price. Though, there are few art galleries, who are not indulged in selling the arts, rather they deal in only showcasing of the art works. The primary function of these galleries is to display the great art works. Its there for the world to view and comprehend the nuances of work of arts.


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Art Galleries

As a testimony to mounting recognition of Indian art, India is witnessing huge numbers of art galleries. From a miniscule number of few decades back, the numbers have increased in large magnitude. It is mainly because of the increased interest of the urban populace. Many art galleries can be seen all across metropolitans. Even in cities like Pune, Hyderabad and other small metros the sight of art gallery is quite common. Basically, an art gallery signifies a place which showcases various works of art whether it be, sculptures, paintings and illustration. Exhibitions of varied forms of magnificent arts are held at these places.


There are many art galleries who primarily specialize in showcasing contemporary art in India.  And most of these contemporary art galleries that mainly focus on this genre of art have supple and experimental setting which in other terms, makes these exhibitions quite progressive and bold. These specialized galleries exhibit, demonstrate and have the best compilation of contemporary artworks. An art connoisseur can easily find most sought after collections that possess marvelous aesthetic and creative values.


To name few famous contemporary art galleries in India are;

Delhi Art Gallery,

Arts India,

India are Art Today,

Alankritha Art gallery etc

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