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Art plays a major role in our society. Right through the journey of human civilization, art has always remained an integral part of our evolution. The first and foremost contribution of art is in bringing awareness to people. It expresses truths about humankind that cannot be expressed any other way. Art is a wonderful medium for presenting ideas that all of us can connect to. Art has definitely helped in improving our society. Most often than not, the ideas expressed through art are radical and revolutionary in nature and if these ideas can make people take actions, we are definitely headed for a better world.

To make art real effective in the sphere of society, art must be made available to the public. People should be able to appreciate the true value and inherent message of the art. Art cannot do anything on its own, unless people are willing to change their mindset. People need to experience art before they can think of taking concrete steps for the betterment of society. If art is not available to the general public, it is definitely a loss to the society.

Art is known to depict wonderful emotions like love, beauty, devotion etc. Art makes people respond emotionally. It has such power. Considering the fact that ideas expressed through art are universal in nature, people all across the globe are able to connect to a single theme. No other medium has such power. Art is also instrumental in encouraging understanding amongst people. Art truly has the power to bring required changes to our society.


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