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Investing in Indian art- The End

One of the noticeable and crucial events in Indian art market was the starting of art funds by number of investors who deal in artworks. Here instead of dealing in normal stocks and equities they deal in the works of art. This phenomenon clearly raised the profile of Indian art market. In the current market scenario, it would be a very prudent idea to invest in Indian arts. In fact those, who identified the investment opportunities early, had amazing return on their investments. It has been analyzed and concluded that an investor one can expect approximately 25% to 30% rise in the worth of a painting on a yearly basis.


Few works of acclaimed painters like Maqbool Fida Hussain, Tyeb Mehta, Manpreet Bawa have been sold for astronomical prices. That reflects the popularity of Indian arts. Apart from Indian buyers, many Non resident Indians have also invested greatly in the Indian arts. Not only this fulfills their artistic sensibility but at the same time it also provides them with a rewarding business opportunity. There are many forms of art which are popular amongst art buyers. Hindu art of India has been very popular amongst the buyers. Apart from Hindu art of India, other forms, style of artwork has also managed to make an impression amongst the numerous buyers. To sum up, Indian art market is still relatively small but the way things are going, the future looks extremely exciting. Needless to say, in time like these, investment in Indian arts is a wonderfully rewarding proposition.


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Investing in Indian art-2

Indian market is considered as one of the most lucrative market in the world. Many countries and multinational companies are vying for investment pie in India. Similarly, Indian arts also stand to gain from the rising awareness and popularity of Indian arts. In recent times, huge chunk of money have been invested in the Indian arts market. This process started few years back which has slowly built up in a formidable business proposition. The growing profile of Indian artists has been very instrumental in this phenomenon. Indian artists themselves have been quite accessible to the potential investors as this serves both ways.


On one hand having collaboration with potential investors provides them creative liberty while showcasing their talents without any concern of fund and on the other hand, investors also tend to make good return on their investments depending upon the work and standing of the artists. It is a fact that a good art work sooner or later gets recognized and it definitely fetches impressive value with the passage of time. We have many indication of how Indian arts have arrived big time in the investment radars. Prestigious Economic times once published “Art Index” which consisted of price of artworks by 51 top artists of India. This was a defining moment which in reality signaled the arrival of Indian art industry.

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Investing in Indian art- Part One

It comes as no surprise to find about emerging Indian art market in numerous national dailies and magazines on a regular basis. The clout of Indian art market has grown in substantial proportions. Factors responsible for this phenomenon are up-and-coming urban populace who has considerable interest in societal and cultural happenings and shifting economical circumstances.  The flow of money has also increased in general and that has led to the prominence of Indian art works. These factors apart from increasing literacy and recognition earned by many Indian artists world over have helped in enhancing the intellectual cause of Indian arts. Booming Indian economy, more money into the system and burgeoning middle class with a penchant for spending  have been instrumental in opening up of new venues of investments, which were thus far unknown. Indian arts is said to be one of those avenues which guarantee to return good returns.


Many Indian art work, especially paintings, of celebrated Indian artists have fetched huge price which were previously unheard of. Many Indian modern art work and contemporary art work have sold like wildfire. The popularity and interest for Indian art market can be gauged from the fact that increasing numbers of new Indian art galleries are being opened across the length and breadth of India. Most of the exhibitions organized by art galleries are complete sell out. These happenings have clearly turned the momentum in favor of Indian arts.

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