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History of Mughal Illustrated Manuscripts

persian-manuscriptTalking about manuscripts, the Mughal School of Painting is a great testimony of rich Indian culture. Most of the Mughal emperors were renowned as great patrons of arts and literature. Most famous among them are, Akbar and Jahangir. Both of them encouraged arts and were also proud owner of aesthetic senses. Mughal styles of painting were based on mixture of Indo Persian style. The rich cultural legacy and spirit is s beautifully reflected in Mughal miniatures and illustrated manuscripts. Most famous among them are; Akbarnama, Anvar-I-Suhaili, Dastan-I-Amir Hamza, Babur-Nama, Tutinama, Ramza-Nama, and Tuzuk- I-Jahangiri to name a few.


Interestingly, Sanskrit classic Sukasaptati (Seventy tales of a Parrot) is said to be the inspiration for Tutinama which was composed between the periods of 1560-1568 AD. These illustrations were done with the help of Indian artists like Basawan and Daswant. Tutinama has a close relation with another great work Hamza Nama. The main illustration objects are animals and birds like, cranes, parrot, tigers, peacocks, antelope, owls, monkey, lions, panthers, and jackals etc.


Dastan-I Amir Hamza is about uncle of the prophet Mohammad named Amir Hamza. It covers his passionate and remarkable adventures of Amir Hamza. Composed between1562 and 1582 A.D, the manuscript consists of 12-14 volumes of a hundred folios each. This is one of the most famous legacies of Mughal era. Amir Hamza also has several illustrations done by Persian artists in collaboration with Indian artists.


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