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Radha Krishna Paintings

The love story of Radha Krishna is perhaps the greatest love stories in Hinduism. It’s a love legend that has stood the test of times. The entire Hindu population is fascinated by the love saga of Radha and Krishna. The idea of love has truly been exceptional in the world’s oldest religion. The relationship between Krishna and Radha has been extensively represented by different art forms. Whether its poetry, sculptures or painting or motifs, this relationship has served as a model for male and female love. A great many north Indian Hindu paintings have depicted this eternal love story.

Radha’s unwavering love for lord Krishna is much more than a mere love story. It depicts the human quest for union with the divine. These paintings are wonderful representation of Krishna’s loving interplay with the ‘gopis’. In a way, the interplay is symbolic of connection between God and humans. This bond has been considered equivalent to bond between husband and wife. This is also the highest form of devotion in Vaishnavism. Radha Krishna paintings are cherished by art connoisseurs all over the world. One can find these paintings in temples, art museums and at several other religious places.

Radha and Krishna had a childhood bond which later on converted into love during Krishna’s life in Vrindavan. The religious books and paintings portray different facets of intimacy like play, song, dance etc. Radha kept waiting for Krishna while he was busy managing the universe. Her love for the lord was so great that even today Radha’s name is uttered whenever Krishna is referred to. Without the deification of Radha, the Krishna worship is considered as incomplete.


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Spiritual Motifs

Art aficionados must be aware of the term spiritual motifs in bewitching world of paintings. These motifs have always been very special and have an important present in range of paintings. Right from Hindu paintings to Christian paintings or even Thangka Paintings, the spiritual motifs have remained an integral presence in them. The motifs have an element of serenity and tranquility.

If we talk about Hindu paintings, then they have always been influenced by Hindu epics and Puranas. The stories are magnificent and imaginative as well. Hindu paintings are known for having spiritually uplifting elements. One can find many colorful portraits of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in numerous Hindu households.

If we look at Christian paintings, the prime purpose of these paintings was to educate illiterate Christians. It was in fact a clever ploy to include spiritual elements in the paintings as they fulfilled the need of being simplistic as well as spiritual. The most dominant theme in Christian paintings was life of Christ.

 Thangka paintings belong to Buddhism and this religion by its very origin is spiritual in nature. Thankga paintings beautifully depict spiritual philosophy of Buddhism. These paintings are nothing but complex web of minor figures signifying spiritual dimension of the life. Thangka paintings thrive on spirituality and that also explains their popularity in the world of art. Spirituality has always remained a dominant theme in sphere of art and spiritual motifs are just shining representative of this eternal fact.

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