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Nandlal Bose

nandlalNandlal Bose belonged to the earlier era of Indian art when Indian paintings had started to make significant impression to the outer world. He was a painter of historic artistic tradition. He also excelled at representing contemporary practices of Indian art form. Born in December 1882 in Bihar, Nandlal Bose is regarded as one of illuminating lights of modern art of India. He learned his basics from painters of great repute like Havell and Abanindranath. One of the prominent artists of the modern India, he gathered the basics of art at Calcutta Government College of Art between 1905 and 1910. Thereafter he further enhanced his talent at Abanindranath’s Art School. This was the place where he truly learned to explore various mesmerizing facets of art from legends like Harinarayan Basu, Iswari Prasad and master Abanindranath himself. He spent no less than 5 years learning under Abanindranath and honed his skills to an unparallel level.


The first exhibition of Nandlal Bose’s paintings took place in 1911. it was just the beginning of what turned out to be an eventful journey for this supremely talented artist. Several exhibitions of his art work has taken place in many parts of India and as well as abroad. People were fortunate to witness his wonderful works at Societe des Peintres Orientalistes Francais at Grand Palais in Paris, American Federation of Art, Crystal Palace of England, Centenary Retrospective Exhibition, The Netherlands & Imperial Institute of England, and Athenee Gallery of Geneva.


He was an active member of famous movement of renaissance of art in India. Nandlal Bose was a principal of Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan (founded by great Rabindranath Tagore) between 1922 and 1951. He left us on 16th April 1966 but his immense contributions will always remain etched in our memory.


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