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Ceramic paintings

Ceramic painting belongs to Vietnam. It’s an indigenous form of art of this south-east Asian country. Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscape and picturesque scenery. Ceramic paintings wonderfully depict the natural beauty of the country. These paintings have mostly been created using two colors white and blue. These two colors are considered as traditional Vietnamese colors.


Bat Trang, is a small village situated in the south east of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. It’s a pottery village and proudly boats the tag of home of ceramic paintings. Since ancient times, this village has been associated with art of pottery. It’s located near the famous Red river. To its misfortune, Bat Trang caught fire few decades ago and got completely destroyed. But all credit to the villagers who reestablished themselves and later came to known as hub of ceramic painting of the world.


Mostly these paintings use blue and white as the primary colors but with changing times, they have also started using other colors like dark yellow, green and pale brown color. Ceramic paintings depict old streets of Hanoi from several angles. These paintings make one feel nostalgic by presenting the golden era and old structures of the place.


The pictures are engraved on the traditional ceramic tiles. Non traditional colors and themes used help in making these paintings even more effective and long lasting. Contemporary Paintings. Another attractive feature of these paintings are light and fine glaze used in them. Reason to inform about ceramic paintings under indian art section is their growing popularity amongst Indian art groups and their consistent inclusion in various exhibitions organized in India.


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